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Tops Tips For A Stress Free Wedding

I love what I do, the main reason being that not only do I get to help pull together the most wonderful day for a couple, a day that they have most probably dreamt about since childhood, but I also get to provide a service that is designed to ensure that the day is as relaxed, fun and full of happy memories as it should be.

We have all heard horror stories about couples who have been so stressed in the lead up to their big day that they are left wishing that they had eloped instead. Some actually end up doing just that! Thankfully these situations are relatively rare and, most importantly, are completely avoidable and I believe that the lead up to a wedding should be almost as amazing an experience as the day itself.

So, with this in mind, I have compiled my list of top tips to help you plan your dream day without overwhelm, frustration or stress.

  1. Be clear on what you want your day to look like before you start planning - It is all too easy to get caught up in what family, friends and even general acquaintances think qualifies as the perfect day. Remember, as much as you want your guests to enjoy themselves it’s not about them and what may have been a lovely touch to their great aunt’s best friend’s wedding will possibly not work for you, and that’s ok. Discuss with your partner what is important to you both when it comes to the wedding day so you can start the planning process with clarity on what definitely needs to happen and avoid feeling forced down a path you aren’t completely happy with. Smaller details will gradually come together and people will throw ideas at you from all directions, but as long as you know what definitely needs to happen to make the day perfect for both of you, the rest will happen organically. If you are visually minded, creating a vision board together that you can show your planner during the initial meeting is a great way to get the ball rolling but even a simple list will help get things off on the right foot.

  2. Accept that not everything is completely within your control - Accepting that there will be certain things that are out of your control is the ideal mindset when planning a wedding. No one can guarantee that the weather will be perfect, the traffic will be clear or that all the guests will get along but remember that there are things that can be put in place to deal with life’s little curveballs.

  3. Prepare in advance for a relaxed morning - If you are still running around trying to get last minute details in order on the morning of your wedding you will be less likely to relax into the day and look back on it with the best memories possible. Instead have someone you can delegate to if you do still have little loose ends to tie up and allow yourself to enjoy the process of getting ready. Having a professional do your hair and make up on the day can be a really nice way to unwind before the ceremony and help you feel ready to stand in front of your guests with your spouse to be. To avoid time pressures, plan to be ready ahead of time.

  4. Hire the right people - From your wedding planner to your photographer, caterers to entertainment, the people you entrust with the planning and execution of your wedding must be in it for you and not for themselves. This involves having a true understanding of exactly what you want and being fully invested in making that happen for you. Do your research, get recommendations and take your time in making a decision on who you use and don’t be afraid to speak up if you genuinely feel like your needs aren’t being met

  5. Remember that this day is for you and your partner - Try not to get so caught up in making sure you spend time with every single one of your guests that you forget to spend time with your partner. When your photos come back there should be plenty of natural shots of you having a wonderful time together so you can remember the day as a true example of how much you love each other. Your guests will naturally seek you out to congratulate you so don’t feel that you have to go from person to person like a military operation to ensure you don’t miss anyone.

In short, when the day arrives all you should be focused on is looking and feeling fabulous and getting to the venue, so it is definitely worth hiring someone to make sure the venue looks exactly how you want it to.

At I Do Weddings we can set up the venue so it is exactly how you visualised it. We have a large collection of everything from chair covers and sashes, centrepieces, and a wide variety of other decorative items to bring your dream day to life. Whatever theme you choose, we have the decor to cater for it.

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